George Clooney is being treated following motorcycle crash 2 years ago

George Clooney is being treated following motorcycle crash

Amal is with him.

George Clooney has been pictured being treated by paramedics following a motorcycle accident.


He was riding in Sardinia this morning, when he collided with a Mercedes.

After receiving treatment roadside, the actor was brought to a local hospital.

George was X-rayed after hurting his pelvis and bruising his legs and arms.

John Paul II hospital, in Olbia, Sardinia confirmed that George Clooney had been admitted.

His gorgeous wife, Amal, rushed to be by her husband's side.

Thankfully, none of the injuries were deemed serious, and the actor has since been discharged from hospita.


Pictures of the crash show the window of the car smashed, which might be where George hit.

Amal and George, along with their young twins, Ella and Alexander, are living in Sardinia for the summer, where he is filming his new TV series, Catch 22.

We're just so relieved he's okay!

Get well soon George.