The most Googled person of 2018 is here, and we're not one bit surprised 4 years ago

The most Googled person of 2018 is here, and we're not one bit surprised


So ladies, the year is drawing to a close!


And what a year it has been, in fairness.

There has been a lot of celebrity scandal through 2018, from births to marriages.

However, if you've had your eyes open at all this year, you'll know that the British royal family were front and centre of the news (for basically the entire year).

So with that, it won't come as any surprise to learn who the most Googled person of 2018 is.


Drumroll please...

Meghan Markle! And we are not even kind of surprised.

googled person of 2018

In fairness, in the space of 12 months, Meghan married the most eligible bachelor in the world, became a Duchess and announced that she was pregnant.


So, you can see why people were interested in learning more about her.

Meghan has also had her fair share of family drama this year, with her sister and her father being very mouthy to the press.

Again, this resulted in her Google numbers rising!

After Meghan, on the list of most googled person 2018 were a number of celebs who had been involved in controversy during the year.


googled person of 2018

Former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett finished second, after accusing fellow Celebrity Big Brother housemate Ryan Thomas of punching her.

The third and fourth spots were taken by American singer Demi Lovato, who suffered an apparent overdose, the TV presenter Ant McPartlin who endured a public struggle with addiction.

Marvel superhero movie Black Panther was the most googled film, as well as the highest grossing movie of the year.

There you have it, bring on 2019!