Harry Potter fans have been given a sneak peek into J.K Rowling's home library 1 year ago

Harry Potter fans have been given a sneak peek into J.K Rowling's home library

Anyone else been channelling their inner Marie Kondo in recent weeks?

Here's the thing; the longer we're confined to our homes during lockdown, the more likely it is we'll spot nooks and crannies that desperately need our attention.


Look, you may have spent the best part of a year ignoring the omnishambles that is your bathroom cabinet, but the boredom born of a quarantine scenario is bound to draw your attention to it... whether you like it or not.

And J.K Rowling is no different.

OK, so the rest of us might be doing a fairly lacklustre inventory of expired sunscreen bottles while she colour-coordinates an entire home library, but you see where we're going with this.

Lockdown lethargy or not, few of us are immune to the Kondo influence right now.

Sharing a video of her top-notch organisational skills on Twitter this week, the Harry Potter author gave fans and followers a sneak peek into her own home library.


Yep, the books are arranged by colour, the wall bears a quote by 14th-century poet Edmund Spenser, and the set-up is just so perfectly Potter-esque.

So naturally, fans could barely contain themselves, even going as far as to share photos of their own bookshelves and plans for its reorganisation.

Yes, it truly is that wholesome a thread.

While amassing almost 80,000 likes, the mother-of-three engaged with Twitter users, assuring them that her library, of course, contains Harry Potter books.


"To the people asking: yes, of course I've got Harry Potter books!" she wrote. "These aren't my only bookshelves, they're simply the ones I decided to arrange by colour during tea breaks."

J.K. Rowling, 53, recently announced that she had made a full recovery after suffering from a suspected case of the coronavirus.