Harvey Price praised for reaction after set collapses during interview 2 years ago

Harvey Price praised for reaction after set collapses during interview

The pair are advocating for a law against online trolling.

Katie Price's son Harvey is being praised after his live TV appearance didn't go exactly as planned.


Katie and Harvey made an appearance on Good Morning Britain today, and during their spot on the show, there was a technical mishap.

The pair were appearing on the show to chat about their campaign to end online bullying, and to discuss Harvey's nomination for a National Diversity Award.

But it all didn't go as according to plan when some of the lighting equipment fell on top of Harvey in the middle of the interview.

Katie was quick to reassure Harvey and make sure he was ok, as the behind the scenes crew scattered to fix the problem.


Katie said: "Oh did that fall down? Don't worry, Harv. That's live TV for you."

"Let's just put that there, Harv."

Susanna Reid tried to continue on with the interview, congratulating Harvey, but he wasn't ready to move on.


Harvey was clearly still confused by what had happened, and that's when he blurted out some not-so morning show friendly language.

Harvey says live on TV: "What the f*** is that?"

Katie, quickly jumping in to distract him from the light, said: "Harv, you were also voted celebrity of the year, that means the best man of the year - everyone's voted you for that."

And it worked, Harvey got back into the interview and the pair are being praised for how it was handled.


One viewer said: "The one thing that can never be said about you @KatiePrice is that your a bad Mum. Your brilliant with Harvey and what a character he is. He's a lovely young man, a real credit to you and I'm so sorry he's had to suffer this sort of abuse. What is wrong with people"

Another added: "Lovely to see @KatiePrice and Harvey on #gmb he's such a sweetheart! Disgusting how they get so much abuse! Keep going Katie! I for one will always have your back and support a change to make these trolls accountable! #harveyslaw."