Her Girl Crush... Eleven Reasons We Love And Adore Emily Blunt 8 years ago

Her Girl Crush... Eleven Reasons We Love And Adore Emily Blunt

Every week, we love to focus on one woman who really impresses us or a woman that we just adore. This week, we focus on the amazing actress who is starring in the new action flick, The Edge of Tomorrow, the amazing Emily Blunt. Here are eleven reasons we love her.

1. Have you seen her?


She just looks stunning.

emily blunt dress

2. The Devil Wears Prada.

She played the bitchy receptionist who really had a heart. We loved her in this!


3. This photoshoot.

All of the beauty.



4. The Edge of Tomorrow.

The Edge of Tomorrow gets a release this week and we can promise you, this is excellent. Luckily, Blunt is the real hero here. She is simply astonishing as an action hero.

5. One half of the cutest couple ever.


Emily is married to John Krasinski. If you find a cuter couple, please tell us.


6. She's committed.

Blunt is basically a machine. For The Adjustment Bureau and The Edge of Tomorrow, she trained like a demon, working on Krav Maga, sprinting, weights and even taking dance classes.



7. Red Carpet Style.

Just look at her in the Edge of Tomorrow premiere.

"Edge Of Tomorrow" New York Premiere

8. She once took Tom Cruise to a sex club.

Yes, she's that amazing.

9. This workout video.

It's all about Emily here, really.

10. The Muppets

Well, we would all love to be Miss Piggy's assistant.

11. She's friends with pretty much everyone...

Matt Damon, Tom Cruise, Jason Segel, Robert Pattinson, George Clooney. Everyone wants to be friends with Emily. Why wouldn't you be?

emily and matt