Here are all of the rumoured Islanders for winter Love Island 1 year ago

Here are all of the rumoured Islanders for winter Love Island

Are you ready for winter Love Island?

Because we definitely are.


The days are cold, grey and veering on the gloomier side - so, the idea of having six weeks filled with conversations about recoupling, cracking on and not putting all your eggs in someone's basket sounds really tempting to us.

There's just over a week to go until the new series begins, and a whole new batch of Islanders will be heading into the South African villa.

Here are all of the people who are rumoured to be heading into the villa for winter Love Island. 

Ellis Iyayi


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Ellis was one of the first Islanders rumoured for the winter Love Island series.

Having already worked with brands of note such as ASOS, Nike, and JD Sports, apparently producers feel like they've already stuck gold with the Leeds lad.


"Ellis is over the moon about it - he's had to be sworn to secrecy about it but he's been in to meet producers a few times and they love him - he can't wait to get in the villa," a source told The Sun.

Jay Munro


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And late last year, reports emerged that Jay - an ex-footballer-turned-model-and-presenter - would also be headed into the South African villa.


He was said to have been in talks for the summer series, however producers reportedly thought it would be better to have him in the winter series.

"Jay will be the one all the girls will be chasing. Just like Tommy Fury, he’s a sportsman, in good shape and has dreamy looks," a source previously told The Daily Star.


Alisha LeMay




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Alisha is an Instagram influencer with plenty of celeb pals and and more than 100,000 followers.


Producers reportedly think that Alisha would be the "perfect fit" for the winter series, with her "fun-loving personality, positive body image, large fan base and legion of celebrity pals."

"Alisha is exactly the type of contestant ITV2 are looking for – she's gorgeous, body confident and isn't afraid to be herself," an insider told The Daily Mail.

Sophie Piper


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She was said to be in talks to be heading into the villa last season.

And Rochelle Humes' little sister Sophie is once again tipped to be one of the singletons headed into the villa in the hopes of finding love.

"ITV2 bosses are hoping she will be the star of this series," an insider told The Sun.  "She’s got a really bubbly personality, plus they love the famous link.”

Kenna Ngoma


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Following his firing from The Apprentice, Kenna told The Mirror that he would be keen to head into the Love Island villa.

Although, he noted, it wouldn't be to find love.

"Yeah that's on my to do list! Not to find love, obviously," he told the publication.

Charles Drury



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He's been long tipped to be on the show, but Katie Price's ex Charles Drury is unlikely to be entering the villa any time soon.

In a post over the holidays, he paid a gushing tribute to his girlfriend Lucy - whom he called "the best present to finish off the year."

"Finding what I’ve found in you has made me realise what I want in life and give me reason to try my hardest to be the best version of myself," he said.

Emily Clarkson


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Following the massive popularity of Dani Dyer and Belle Hassan - Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan's daughters respectively - producers were said to be keen to have Emily on the show.

In a piece for The Sun late last year, Emily revealed that she had been approached to take part for the show.

"I am so not Love Island," she said, as she explained that she had a boyfriend of eight years.