Holly Willoughby's co-host for Monday's return has been revealed 3 months ago

Holly Willoughby's co-host for Monday's return has been revealed

A highly anticipated This Morning episode.

Holly Willoughby will return to host This Morning on Monday June 5th and after a lot of speculation, her co-host has been revealed.


On Friday, Alison Hammond told viewers that Holly will present tomorrow's This Morning alongside Josie Gibson.

Holly and Josie have previously hosted the show together.

Since Phillip resigned and Holly took time off the show, Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary took on temporary hosting duties on ITV's morning show.

They usually present every Friday but have stepped in to cover the past week and a half.


It was an emotional end of week episode on Friday that saw Alison break down while speaking about Phillip Schofield's bombshell interview with The Sun.

Towards the end of that show, Alison announced that Holly will in fact return to the show.

There were many rumours circulating that Holly wouldn't come back to her role as This Morning's host following all the scandal that's unfolded.

However, she will return and host what is a highly anticipated This Morning show.


It has not yet been confirmed if Holly Willoughby will be questioned by employee lawyers in relation to Phillip Schofield's exit from ITV.

An external investigation has been launched into the facts behind it all and that was confirmed by ITV Chief Executive, Dame McCall.

The inquest will create a timeline of facts and aims to determine who, if anyone, knew about Phillip's affair.

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