Hugh Jackman made a Dublin girl's dreams come true and we're n'able for him 8 months ago

Hugh Jackman made a Dublin girl's dreams come true and we're n'able for him

Ah, Hugh Jackman.

He really just seems like a stand up guy, doesn't he?

So versatile in his work, such a beautiful voice, constantly able to make everybody's day at least 20 percent better simply be existing.

Solid enough lad.

What's more, Hugh's The Greatest Showman has enthralled and excited audiences for well over a year now.

Like, it came out in literal 2017 and people are still going mad for it - that's how much people love Hugh Jackman.

And if you didn't love him enough already prepare to love him because Hugh has just made a seven-year-old Dublin girl's dreams come true by watching her sing one of his songs and giving her a lovely little message afterwards.

It's all very sweet.

It all started when Emma Cooney's mother, Jacqueline, decided to post a video of her daughter singing 'A Million Dreams' - one of the songs from The Greatest Showman movie.

This came after Emma was disappointed that she missed out on tickets to Jackman's 3Arena gigs, so in order to stick a smile back on her seven-year-old's face, Jacqueline made it her mission to make sure Hugh saw the video.

And he did and all. Fair play.

He responded to the song this week, thanking Emma for signing it and for being a fan.

"Never stop dreaming," he said, while wearing a hat that says 'All be happy' and a pair of bangin' shades. "Remember, life is what you choose to make it so make it fantastic."


Jacqueline was understandably delighted with the response that Hugh had shared to all his 13 million followers - as you would be, it's 13 million followers.

"Oh my god!!!! I don’t even believe it!!!! Thank you sooooo soooooo much!!!!" she wrote. "She is going to freak! We love you forever & will never ever forget this!!!!"

Great result all round.