'I Was In Crisis' - Anne Hathaway Reveals That Backlash During Oscar Win Left Her 'Shocked' 8 years ago

'I Was In Crisis' - Anne Hathaway Reveals That Backlash During Oscar Win Left Her 'Shocked'

Anne Hathaway has said she felt "punched in the gut" by all the 'Hathahate' surrounding her Oscar win.

The actress won the Best Supporting Actress award at the Golden Globes and the Oscars for her role as Fantine in Les Miserables but was hit by a tide of criticism for her rambling acceptance speech and conduct during the awards season.


In a new interview with Harper's Bazaar, Hathaway said that it felt like she got "punched in the gut" and "slapped" by the backlash, which left her "shocked" and "embarrassed". She added "even now I can feel the shame".

"People treated me a certain way. But I've grown from it. This whole thing has made me a way more compassionate and loving person. And I don't feel sorry for myself."


The 31-year-old, who married Adam Shulman in 2012, lost 25 pounds to play the iconic role and said that she was in a very vulnerable state in the aftermath.


"I was in crisis. Now I'd be fine. I really would be. I'd let it roll off my back, but at the time I was still partly Fantine. I was still identifying with being a victim."

Hathaway also came under fire for her actions at the Golden Globes, when she interrupted a Les Mis producer to thank her manager who she'd forgotten in her original speech.

"I couldn't tie this moment to what I really wanted to say… that's on me, because Lupita did it.

"While everyone was still getting onstage, I spoke. I should have gone after everyone else. I own that; it was rude. People saw that as grabby, I guess."