'I'm no longer ignoring it' SoSue starts a campaign with her fellow bloggers 3 years ago

'I'm no longer ignoring it' SoSue starts a campaign with her fellow bloggers

To her many fans, Suzanne Jackson seems to have a pretty perfect life.

But the blogger has in the past highlighted the uglier side of what she does - including online trolls and a barrage of unnecessary criticism.


So when fellow influencer Louise Cooney tweeted about the cyber bullying she's lately been at the receiving end of, SoSue rallied behind her.

Taking to her Insta Stories (Ms Jackson has close-to a quarter of a million followers there) she included a screen-shot of Louise's observations.

She then followed up by highlighting that she'd simply had enough.

"Online bullying is wrong and dangerous," Suzanne wrote. "And this year I'm no longer ignoring it! Nor or any of the bloggers."


A follow-up post read: "We're going to get together to create a campaign to shut these people and pages down!"

And a final message stated: "Slag our influence all you want, but watch what the power of our influence combined will do!"

Last October to mark World Mental Health Day, the 33-year-old Dubliner also posted a lengthy message asking people to be more mindful of their actions online.


"After all the lovely posts about mental health awareness yesterday, I feel strongly about something and I’m gonna say it!" she began.

"I feel very sorry for those who spend their days bitching constantly in online groups on Facebook about everyone and anyone!

"You are the cause for someone’s misery with your nasty words! YOU are adding to their anxiety, depression, their self doubt! You!! How does that feel?"

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She concluded: "So instead of posting your nice caption and picture yesterday pretending you care about mental health…. Why don’t you think twice before you spew your hate online and really affect someone’s day/week/month."