Imagine Kate's face if Harry had said THIS in his best man's speech 6 months ago

Imagine Kate's face if Harry had said THIS in his best man's speech

We never knew about this.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married in May and the royal wedding was a major event but back in 2011, there was another wedding just as big, when Prince William married Kate Middleton.

Just as William was Harry's best man, Harry was William's and at the time, we can imagine he was pretty nervous about taking on such a task in full view of the public.

Like many best men, the speech was a major part of the role and so Harry spent a bit of a time trying to decide what details to include when chatting about his brother and his new wife.

It turns out that he chatted in depth to his pals, notably Thomas Van Straubenzee (brother of Charlie who married last weekend with Meghan and Harry attending) and there was one detail that he decided against including.

What was it you ask? None other than a reference to Kate's "killer legs".

Speaking to The Daily Mail previously, a friend of the royals said:

"Harry had some joke in about how he had immediately given Kate the thumbs up when William first brought her home because she had such a great pair of pins, but he didn’t want to embarrass her".

Apparently, he realised this wouldn't have gone too well with the Queen and it could have embarrassed Kate, not very nice on the day of your wedding to be fair and so he removed it.

However, the final speech, all edits complete, was "warm and affectionate" according to guests who attended and Harry even described William as the "perfect brother".

And he also revealed how he knew that things were serious between William and Kate, who are now known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

"William didn’t have a romantic bone in his body before he met Kate, so I knew it was serious when William suddenly started cooing down the phone at Kate".