'Former employees were made sign NDAs': ITV under fire amid Phillip Schofield's affair scandal 3 months ago

'Former employees were made sign NDAs': ITV under fire amid Phillip Schofield's affair scandal

Eamonn Holmes says it's a "total cover up".

Former This Morning host, Eamonn Holmes has alleged that ITV covered up Phillip Schofield's affair with younger male colleague.


Following Phil's resignation last week and after he admitted to lying about this said affair, some of his former co-stars have voiced their thoughts on the situation.

Eamonn Holmes has been very vocal about his stance on Schofield.

Speaking on GB News last night, Eamonn said it's a "total cover up".

He said: "Those in authority had to know what was going on and they thought they would dodge a bullet with this.


"Which they do, and they do constantly, because with Schofield talking about those who speak out against him, namely me, Amanda Holden and you (Dan Wootton), you’ll be included in the toxicity that goes on. Dr Ranj, of course, as well.

"And you simply sit there and think 'No mate, you’ve had it all your way for too long'."

He also said that he doesn't think Holly Willoughby will return to present This Morning.

Holly is on mid-term holidays at the moment but is set to return to work on June 5th, next Monday.


However, speculation is swirling that she won't come back to her role as host.

Eamonn said: "Not only should Phillip go, but Holly should follow him close out the door."

"I've never known such a dark time for ITV".

Also debating the scandal last night was Rosanna Lockwood on Talk TV's Piers Morgan Uncensored.


Along with a stellar panel, the hosts debated whether or not ITV knew about Phillip's affair and they discussed the "toxic atmosphere" inside the doors of the national broadcaster.

Showbiz Journalist, Sarah-Louise Robertson said it's a "surprise" is that "Holly still seems to think she's going to have a job to come back to."

Despite many employees and former presenters fighting to save This Morning, Sarah-Louise is unsure whether it will withstand this huge scandal.

"I've never known such a dark time for ITV".

The panel also discussed the claims made that ITV is a "toxic" place to work.


Sarah-Louise revealed that she spoke to a number of former employees who told her it was a terrible place to work.

They labeled it a "toxic culture".

She said: "I was told that some former employees were made to sign NDA's. I have not yet put those allegations to ITV, I'm collating evidence from former employees working there.

"There seems to be the impression that I'm getting from people is that there was this toxic culture and that has been verified by Dr Ranj."

Dr. Ranj worked as the show's resident doctor and said he was concerned about bullying and discrimination on the show.

He said he felt like he was "managed out" for whistleblowing.


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