J-Lo says she starred in Hustlers for free because 'I bank on myself' 2 years ago

J-Lo says she starred in Hustlers for free because 'I bank on myself'

What a class act.

A few months back, Hustlers came out.


It was a movie about strippin', about hustlin', and about working the often oppressive system that exists to keep women in their place.

Basically, it was incredible and should be mandatory viewing for all people.

And now it appears as though J-Lo didn't even get paid that much for the movie. In fact, according to her, she did it all for free.

The singer, actor, entrepreneur, and general incredible human being told GQ that she did the movie because she just wants to do more of what she loves.




"I didn’t get paid a whole bunch of money for Hustlers," she said.

"I did it for free and produced it. Like Jenny From The Block - I do what I love.  It became a movement - this is our movie, where we run shit.


"They know it’s all women producers, woman director, woman writer, all women starring in it. We’ve been watching men take advantage of women in movies for a long time, so it was a fun ride to see the tables turned."

Yes, girl. Get it.

Lopez said that she opted to produce the movie because the concept interested her - not just playing a multilayered character like Romona, but what the film said about the culture 0f money and power in the States.



"The whole idea of the Wall Street guys was interesting to me," she said.

"These girls are cheating them, but these guys are cheating everybody.

"So what it says about that world, and men and women, and gender roles, all of that made me feel that this could be an interesting movie, as opposed to just a character piece."

And indeed it was.

This comes after J-Lo and Shakira were announced as next year's Super Bowl half time show. 


Busy year for the lads.