Jameela Jamil posted these 'trash' magazine pics on Twitter and people are livid 4 years ago

Jameela Jamil posted these 'trash' magazine pics on Twitter and people are livid

Jameela Jamil tweeted images from a magazine that are commenting on the image of several celebrities.

The pictures are part of an article called “Best & Worst Beach Bodies” and they show celebrities Mariah Carey, Rebel Wilson, Queen Latifah, and Lea Michele trying their best to have a nice day at the beach.


The unidentified magazine, however, insists on attacking and shaming their “flaws” all in the name of entertainment. And yet again, girls are made to feel like they can’t go to the beach unless they’ve only eaten salads for the year.


Jameela lashed out at the magazine and at how it perpetuates a negative body image for women. She said that these articles go against everything that she is trying to gain from her “I Weigh” Instagram account.

On the Instagram account, Jameela encourages women to see themselves in a positive light and to be proud of and happy with who they are as a person and not to judge themselves based on weight or anything else that the media deems important to self-worth.


Preach, girl.

The tweet calling out the magazine has received loads of attention and people are up in arms over the article comments.

One user expressed her disgust at how body-shaming articles like this still exist. She points out that not even smaller-sized people are safe from fat-shaming.


Another Twitter user commented on the article’s dig at Lea Michelle when they said that her “biggest rolls” were on her stomach.

One of the most revolting captions in the article is the one referring to Queen Latifa simply as a “beached whale”. One Twitter user initially responded to the article with some dry humour but was serious in his disgust for the Queen Latifa insult. Us too.


Is it too much to hope for a day when girls can pop to the beach for a quick dip without being judged? We hope not.

But for now, shout out to Jameela for being out there, fighting the fight. You go, girl.