James Haskell defends himself amid bullying claims 10 months ago

James Haskell defends himself amid bullying claims

James Haskell was voted off I'm A Celeb last night.

Over the past few days, he has caused a lot of controversy in the camp; shutting down Kate and making digs at Andy are only two things that come to mind.

However, James has now defended himself, saying that it's not easy to get on with people who are all from different backgrounds.

Speaking with his wife Chloe Madeley on This Morning, he said: "When you’re in the jungle, you are with 12 people from different walks of life.

"I went in with one idea," he continued. "And one idea only and that was to challenge myself. I wanted everyone to have an equal say and opportunity, but sometimes you have to do the greater good for everyone.

"In a normal world, it would just be a difference of opinion but in the jungle environment when you say things it’s put out a certain way.

"I went in to have fun," he said. "I didn’t want to take on a leadership role but I have been around team sports my entire life and sometimes debating stuff gets frustrating."

His wife also spoke on the segment and said that she could notice something was wrong with him.

"His whole face started to change and he looked different, and before he had his hangry episode, he was sleeping a lot and he doesn’t do that so I knew it was coming before the tornado hit," she said.