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Jay Z Disses TMZ At BET Awards For Leaking THAT Elevator Footage
So Jay is still not very happy about this.

You may remember a couple of months back there was a certain incident in an elevator which involved a very annoyed Solange Knowles and a confused Jay Z. The footage was released by TMZ of the incident and was basically around the globe in record time.

Well, despite the fact that Queen Bey and Jay released a statement saying that they were past the event as a family, it seems that that Jay really hasn't let it go.

The rapper dissed the website over the weekend at the BET awards before his wife came out to perform her hit Partition. Although the rap is hard to hear with the curse words bleeped out, according to the Mirror, He mocks the intrusion of paparazzi and disses TMZ in the 40-second intro.

Besides that, Queen Bey pretty much owned the show. Owned it.

[HD] JAYZ & Beyonce - Perform & Close The BET... by IdolxMuzic

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