Jazzy Jeff tells Will Smith he 'couldn't remember 10 days' after becoming ill 9 months ago

Jazzy Jeff tells Will Smith he 'couldn't remember 10 days' after becoming ill

At a time when the entire world is on high alert for symptoms of ill health, Will Smith's friend and colleague, DJ Jazzy Jeff, explained what it was like to become ill in the midst of a global pandemic.

Speaking on Will's Snapchat series, Will From Home, Jazzy Jeff told the Concussion star in an online conversation that he was unable to remember 10 days after falling ill upon arriving home from a recent trip.


"I came home from my trip, you know, I feel like I'm coming down with something," Jeff told Will. "Got in the bed, don't remember the next 10 days. My temperature had reached about 103, the chills, I lost smell, I lost sense of taste."

While the 55-year-old entertainer did not receive a test for Covid-19, he underwent an X-ray and it was established that he had pneumonia.

Visibly taken aback by the severity of his friend's symptoms, Will said little as his long-term friend and collaborator continued to recall the events as they played out.

"They gave me a flu test,” he continued. “And when I went and got the chest X-ray, she came in and said, ‘You have pneumonia in both your lungs."


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@djjazzyjeff recovering from Covid-19. He is All Good! He kinda scared me a little bit. Come party with us. Link in bio.

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Will recalled how concerned Jeff's wife was during his bout of illness, telling his friend: "Wow. That was scary because, you know, Lynette doesn't panic and she called me with the panic vibes."

"People think we are at the end but we are really at the beginning," Jeff told Will, who has been chatting with friends and colleagues via Snapchat during lockdown.

The DJ, who has encouraged his fans and followers via Instagram to stay at home, has been inundated with well wishes since sharing his story online.