Jedward learn their father is in intensive care upon CBB exit 5 years ago

Jedward learn their father is in intensive care upon CBB exit

Jedward were blissfully happy by the fact that they came second in Celebrity Big Brother's live final on Friday night.

However, upon their departure from the house, they were given the news that their dad is critically ill.


John Snr's condition was reportedly kept from the duo while they were in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The twins' father is currently in intensive care though the illness has not been confirmed.

Jedward's mum and manager Susanna Condron told the Daily Star that she and their dad wanted them to enjoy themselves in the house which is why they kept the news from them.

“The last week has been very stressful for Jedward’s family,'' Susanna said.

“John Snr has been in intensive care. He insisted Edward and John must not be informed about his critical condition."

She added: “He stated he would not jeopardise their chances of reaching the final as ‘there would have been legions of disappointed fans’.”


Hopefully the ever optimistic Irish boys can keep in good spirits while their dad is battling his illness.

Jedward were gracious winners as they came in second place to Coleen Nolan.

They stated "we are so happy, Coleen is a great winner'' as they left the house.


"Last time we came third and this time we came second so it is a personal best.

"Our last series all the other housemates were great, this time it was like the housemates and Jedward.

"It was great to come back as an all-star, it was Jepic. We are so happy with the experience," they added.