Jennifer Lopez's green Versace dress will never die, as per her SNL monologue 1 year ago

Jennifer Lopez's green Versace dress will never die, as per her SNL monologue

Iconic, through and through.

20 years ago, Jennifer Lopez wore a green Versace dress. She looked great.


Then, a mere two decades on, a 50-year-old J-Lo decided to break out the dress once more. She, again, looked great.

These two moments in time proved something.

1) That Versace ages well, and

2) Jennifer Lopez ages even better.

It also proved that a woman doesn't pass her sell-by-date when she hits her 40s - and while the chances of any of us looking even remotely like J-Lo when we're that age are incredibly low, it's nice to know that somebody's still out there flying the flag.

Lopez discussed all of this in her Saturday Night Live monologue last night, where she detailed what had been a pretty good year for her.


From starring in Hustlers to getting engaged, it was a fairly decent 12 months. Here's why.

“Christmas is such an important time to me because it makes you look back at the past year and think about all of the things you’re thankful for," she said.

“This year, I’ve got to be honest, I have been so blessed. I slayed the Met Gala. And that’s not a brag! A doctor diagnosed it as a fourth-degree slay (...)

“Some people said I look better now than I did then, and I’m not bragging, that’s just, you know, gossip."

Nah, listen, mate. It ain't.


“I want to say to everyone watching out there that the best is yet to come,” she went on.

“People try to write you off, you know, it’s all BS. None of us have a shelf life. Look at me, they tried to count me out so many times, but I’m still here.”


And as if to prove that she is, indeed, still here, Lopez shed the suit she was wearing revealing the iconic aforementioned Versace dress.

She then performed a rendition of 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town' because, y'know, Christmas and all.

You can check out J-Lo's SNL monologue here: