Jessie J gets emotional on stage as she opens up about miscarriage 1 year ago

Jessie J gets emotional on stage as she opens up about miscarriage

Simply heartbreaking.

*Content warning for pregnancy loss.


Jessie J has shared the emotional and heartbreaking story behind her miscarriage as she performed to fans in LA.

During the intimate two hour gig on Thursday, the show was a ball of emotion as it was only hours after Jessie had revealed her devastating loss.

During her acoustic concert, Jessie took some time to sit down and talk through her heartwrenching ordeal and tell of "the hardest year that I've ever had to get through."

With a guitar playing quietly behind her, Jessie revealed what had gone on and explained her heartbreak to the audience.


"I decided to have a baby by myself", she explained. "And then by a miracle it worked, for a little while, and yesterday... yeah. Yesterday was f*cking sh*t.

"I wanted to be here tonight because the one thing that I believe in the most, in this whole entire universe [...] is being human and being vulnerable and being real.

"I've never felt more alone than I have in the past week. But I don't feel alone right now."

The clip was originally shared by TMZ but has since been circling the internet, with words of support being sent to the singer.


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Jessie also opened up about a condition she was diagnosed with in 2020, Méniere's Disease, which affects her ears, as well as other health issues she has dealt with.


"In December last year I lost my hearing [...] and then I lost my voice, which was f*cking awful. Just because I didn't know who I was without singing," she said.

Jessie shared the heartbreaking news that she has lost her baby after the third scan revealed there was no heartbeat.

Jessie, who had not publically said she was expecting, revealed the sad news on Instagram on Wednesday evening, telling her followers that she isn't quite sure how to feel.