Joan Collins among the first to receive coronavirus booster shot 9 months ago

Joan Collins among the first to receive coronavirus booster shot

The star received the booster and flu shot simultaneously.

Dame Joan Collins has become one of the first to receive a COVID-19 booster vaccine in England.


“Diamonds may be forever, but the vaccine is a life saver,” the 88-year-old joked.

The actress took to Instagram to share an image of herself wearing a straw hat and a glamourous jewelled necklace as she received the flu shot and the COVID-19 vaccine booster at the same time.


The Dynasty star wrote that she had experienced “zero side effects” and thanked doctors with the hashtag "#nhsheroes."

“Delighted to have received the flu jab and booster vaccine at the same time, and have had no side effects. I encourage everyone to turn up when called,” she said. “Diamonds may be forever, but the vaccine is a lifesaver. Thank you Drs Ammara Hughes and Raj Gill.”

The star previously received her first AstraZeneca shot at London’s Bloomsbury surgery on the same day as the Queen - describing it as a “painless and seamless procedure.”


Booster vaccines improve protection from initial vaccines, while also providing long-term protection against falling ill from COVID-19.

The jabs are being offered as part of a ramped-up vaccine rollout in England with 1.5 million people being contacted and encouraged to use the National Booking Service.

People over 50, people living or working in care homes, frontline healthcare or social workers are eligible for the shot.


The booster is also available to those who are extremely clinically vulnerable, as well as people over the age of 16 who suffer from health conditions that put them at risk of falling seriously ill with COVID-19.