Justin Bieber fans accused of Photoshopping naked pictures of the star 3 years ago

Justin Bieber fans accused of Photoshopping naked pictures of the star

It's been something of a banner week for very rich men involuntarily having pictures of their penises ogled by millions of people worldwide.

You don't need to have paid much attention to the news in the past few days to know that megastar Orlando Bloom had his schlong snapped (not literally, we hope) while on holiday with girlfriend Katy Perry in Sardinia.

The images were of course censored by the media outlets reporting the story, but that didn't stop the more inquisitive men and women intrepidly scouring the internet for the real deal.

But if you thought the internet this week had peaked at naked Legolas, you were wrong. We have now entered what can only described as a dick war, and Justin Bieber has entered the fray.

The 'Love Yourself' singer has been the victim of a pecker picture leak before, but this time he was papped skinny dipping in Hawaii with model and rumoured girlfriend Sahara Ray, and it's fair to say this was a much more full-frontal (click that link for the pictures, if you haven't already guessed) affair than ever before.

There is, though, a further twist in the tale. Bieber's devoted legion of fans would not be happy at any suggestion that Orlando Bloom is packing more downstairs than their idol, and according to a Photoshop expert who spoke to The Mirror, it looks as though the original Bieber picture has been edited to make him look noticeably bigger in a certain area. Which means there could be any number of fraud Bieber rods circulating around social media as we speak.

There is no indication that Bieber or anyone connected to him were behind any devious tweaking, but The Mirror's source thinks it's possible that some anonymous Beliebers have been doing their damnedest to ensure he comes out of it looking better.

We won't show you any of those unpixelated pictures here, but we can assure you that with no more than five minutes of Googling you'll practically be fighting them off. Do what you need to do.