Kate Garraway in hospital with eye infection 7 months ago

Kate Garraway in hospital with eye infection

She's going to be alright.

Kate Garraway has had the ultimate rollercoaster of a year, or 18 months, after her husband Derek was hospitalised with Covid at the beginning of the pandemic.


Never fully recovering from his illness, Derek has needed round the clock care, and it seems to have taken a toll on the TV presenter, revealing her own health has declined.

Keeping her career up, becoming her husband's carer and still being a mother, the stress mounted up and she has ended up in hospital with an awful eye infection.

Sharing a snap of herself in the hospital room with a very swollen and sore looking eye, Kate revealed to her followers what had happened and warned other carers.


She said: "Ouch! But thanks to the brilliant @nhs team @moorfieldsuae not permanent. Inflamed cornea caused probably by wearing my contacts for too long on some very long days recently. Hence the glasses on @gmb on Friday.

"And to think I nearly didn’t get it checked out as was wanting to get back home to do some physio with Derek. A further reminder if you are a carer, parent or anyone really you have to sometimes put yourself first otherwise you are no use to anyone you are trying to help.


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"48 hours of putting drops in every hour day AND night & I will be back on track. Hope everyone is having a lovely #sunday."

Kate has been looking after her husband Derke after he was admitted into hospital in April of 2020 and put into a coma after he tested positive with Covid-19.

After months in ICU, Derek was finally brought home but still needs to be cared for there, with their home being completely adapted to his needs, as he still battles long Covid.