Kate Middleton has made one BIG change since the birth of her third child 1 year ago

Kate Middleton has made one BIG change since the birth of her third child

A BIG change but we like it.

A couple of weeks ago, Duchess Kate returned to royal engagements after her maternity leave following the birth of her third child, Prince Louis.

Since then, she's been out and about at various public appearances in London, some solo and some with her husband, Prince William.

However, it's been suggested that there's a change in the mum of three over the last few months and her body language reflects this.

Experts says that body language can signify a lot about how a person is feeling and yeah, we get that.

Judi James is well known for her knowledge when it comes to all things body language and she recently commented on how Kate's mannerisms have changed.

Two weeks ago, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit in London and Judi said that pictures taken on the day show how Kate's body language differs in recent times.

Chatting to Express, Judi explained:

"Kate positively strides from the car and her torso and arm movements tell a similar story of confidence and energy".

"Her arms are held slightly away from her body, forming the 'upturned V shape gap under her armpits that signals contagious levels of confidence".

Judi also said that there is a notable difference in how Kate and William react with each other too and it's been noticed that they are more demonstrative including this sweet moment at Princess Eugenie's wedding recently.

"William's signature barrier gesture of touching his jacket or waistband with one hand hints at his normal levels of shyness, but he places a very loving hand on Kate's back at one point and even a hand on her thigh when they are sitting together".

We love the fact that they're more affectionate than before, here's hoping this continues...