These are the two jobs Kate Middleton had before joining the royal family 3 years ago

These are the two jobs Kate Middleton had before joining the royal family

We had no idea!

I think sometimes we forget that the likes of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle had lives before they joined the royal family.


Meghan was, of course, a successful actress and humanitarian.

But what about Kate?

Despite the fact that Kate Middleton graduated from university in a long term relationship with Wills, she didn't get complacent.

She didn't sit around living life as a socialite, while waiting to get engaged.


She left college and got a job, just like we all have to do.

kate middleton

When Kate Middleton graduated university in 2005, she jumped straight into working for the family business.

The name of the company is Party Pieces, and it specialises in luxury supplies for parties and events.


Kate then moved on to become an accessories buyer with high street retailer, Jigsaw.

In this role, the future-royal (and future future Queen) ran errands, assisted on photoshoots, and sorted accessories.

kate middleton

Belle Robinso, co-founder of Jigsaw, told the Evening Standard:


"I have to say I was so impressed by her. There were days when there were TV crews at the end of the drive. We'd say: 'Listen, do you want to go out the back way?' And she'd say: 'To be honest, they're going to hound us until they've got the picture. So why don't I just go, get the picture done, and then they'll leave us alone.'"

"I thought she was very mature for a 26-year-old, and I think she's been quite good at neither courting the press nor sticking two fingers in the air at them," she said. "I don't think I would have been so polite."

"She sat in the kitchen at lunchtime and chatted with everyone from the van drivers to the accounts girls."

"She wasn't precious."

There you have it now.