"Disgusting racist mockery:" Katie Price wants to report video mocking son, Harvey 2 years ago

"Disgusting racist mockery:" Katie Price wants to report video mocking son, Harvey

"These people need reporting."

Katie Price gets enough stick but for people to mock her son? That's just unbelievable and heartbreaking.


The glamour model and mum took to social media this week after a video surfaced showing two people in blackface making fun of her son, Harvey.

The 42 year old has not been silent when it comes to online abuse, particularly that aimed at her son. For the past few years, she has been campaigning for Harvey's Law, a change in the legal system that would name and shame those who abuse people online.

If the law is passed it will allow trolls to be identified and put on a register, potentially preventing culprits from getting jobs in future and hopefully preventing them from trolling in the first place.


Katie shared the video to her social channels and wrote: "I’ve been sent this disgusting racist mockery p**s taking video about me and Harvey mocking his disabilities, clearly planned hence the face painting!

"Does anybody know these disgusting humans as I will be reporting this to the police #HarveysLaw."


Price went on to say: "Words can not describe how upset I am, this is so cruel. These people need reporting."

In the video shared to Katie's Story, the woman impersonating her says: "If somebody says something horrible to Harvey, what do we say?" Then the man in blackface says: "Hello you c**t," imitating an appearance Katie and her son made on live television when Harvey accidentally swore on air.

Many people have shown their support for Katie including Anna Kennedy, a campaigner for autistic children.

Katie posted her appreciation saying: "Thank you for everything you do and your support with people like Harvey."