Katie Price had a fake tan disaster last night and we can absolutely relate 4 years ago

Katie Price had a fake tan disaster last night and we can absolutely relate


It's not far from dodgy fake tan we were raised.


After all, who could forget the nights of layering yourself in the stuff without using a mitt before you hit up the teenage disco for the fifth time in a month?

If there's one thing that entices 15-year-old boys, it's being orange.

Now, however, we like to think that our fake tan disasters are pretty much over.


When we want to bronze up, we don't use our hands anymore. There aren't brownish smudges all over every piece of white clothing we own.

Things have come a long way since 2009 and thank god, because there's only so long we can be expected to live such a way.

One person, though, who has taken us right back to those grim, summer nights of desperately trying to rub the streaks of orange off your mate's back is Katie Price.

The glamour model took to Instagram last night to show everybody her absolute fake tan disaster... and it was fairly intense.


Jesus, like.

Katie said that she had tried a new fake tan and that was what it turned out like - not exactly the greatest result in the world but we have honestly, somehow, seen way worse.

We can also probably go ahead and assume that Katie made her fake tan fail slightly worse than it was for the sake of getting to show off how class her body looks.

Which it does, in fairness to her.


... Even covered in whatever she's smeared all over herself.

Katie later shared a photo of herself wearing some eyemasks and she looked ever so slightly less orange so we can guess that the shower did its job.