Katie Price has weighed in on the Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy drama 1 year ago

Katie Price has weighed in on the Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy drama

Ah, it continues.

Last week was filled with drama. When Coleen Rooney shared a statement claiming that Rebekah Vardy has been selling stories to The Sun, it's safe to say the whole world (i.e. Twitter) exploded.


Many memes were made, many office chats were had and many celebs weighed in on the controversy.

One of the celebs was Katie Price and she's calling out Rebekah saying that if Coleen didn't have evidence, she wouldn't have made the statement.

In a YouTube video, she said: "Oh my god this is a scandal. I can't believe that. Some people have said 'Do you think this is true?'

"Coleen, I've met her at an event, she seems very nice. Rebekah Vardy, I've met Rebekah Vardy a few times.

"I'm just saying, and I'm not taking sides, but Coleen seems a bit like me. You don't say stuff unless you have evidence."

She then explained: "I'm sorry to say, it's horrible Rebekah's getting all this sh*t and everything like that, but I genuinely believe Coleen would not put this statement out unless she had evidence because she could get done for defamatory."


As the drama continues, Coleen seems to be living her life - out and about shopping and grabbing coffee - while Rebekah is seeking professional help from lawyers to prove her innocence.

Main image: Katie Price YouTube