Katie Price's latest post caused MAJOR debate online 5 years ago

Katie Price's latest post caused MAJOR debate online

It seems there is not a social media post that goes by that Katie Price doesn’t get slammed for.

The mum-of-five is facing fresh controversy, this time for a video she posted of her eldest son, Harvey.


The 38-year-old took to Instagram yesterday to share a short video of her 14-year-old son, saying:

“Harvey making us laugh dancing to Crazy Frog.”

The video shows the teen dancing shirtless to the song before apparently using the word ‘c**t’.

The video has resulted, as always, with a major debate on whether or not it was appropriate to share online.


Harvey making as laugh dancing to crazy frog ???

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While some praised Katie for continuing to share ‘sweet’ moments with her kids, others called the post ‘inappropriate’.

“Katie doesn’t need to hide Harvey away,” reads one comment. “People need to remember that it was sick and twisted people who started all of this by doing and saying the unthinkable about a child who has difficulties. Posting a video of your son doing what they love and making you laugh is the most special thing anyone can see.”

Some thought the video was “uncomfortable to watch” and hit out at the mum, who recently set up a petition to stop online bullies targeting her son.


“If you don’t want him to be bullied, don’t publicise stuff like this. It’s embarrassing,” wrote one follower.

“I just don’t think everything needs to be put on social media, especially as there’s people out there with such negative things to say. Don’t set Harvey up to fail,” read another comment.

Harvey has been the victim of cruel online bullying in the past, a topic which Katie has spoken out about a numerous occasions.


The mum started a petition demanding the UK Government to take action against online trolling which received over 200,000 signatures.