Kendall Jenner tries to keep Halloween party during pandemic a secret, fails 3 weeks ago

Kendall Jenner tries to keep Halloween party during pandemic a secret, fails

Another Kardashian is under fire for having a party during the pandemic.

It's been less than a mere week since Kim Kardashian received huge backlash for bringing her "closest inner circle" to a private island to celebrate her birthday.


Naturally, Twitter was alive with memes calling Kim and her crew out for not reading the room during a worldwide pandemic and actively posting about an exclusive celebration.

Well, now another member of the family have hosted a party mid pandemic - this time, a Halloween one on a rooftop bar in Hollywood. Cool.

Kendall Jenner celebrated her 25th birthday over the weekend, a party that was filled with her nearest and dearest including sister Kylie, Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith and The Weeknd, to name a few.

Despite a social media ban (we wonder why), many photos of the event have surfaced online.

"No social media. Take all the photos you want but please do not post on social media of any kind," read a sign at the event, that people clearly and blatantly ignored.


Come on, even Kylie posted from the party! If you can't convince your own sister to keep your Halloween party a secret, then who can you trust, really?

Anyway, people are understandable not happy about the event and have taken to Twitter to vent their disappointment.


Apparently, Kendall was offering "rapid Covid tests" at the entrance to her bash, in a bid to make sure whoever attended wouldn't spread the virus.


Further proof that as long as you're rich and famous, you really can do whatever the hell you want.