Kim K shared a 1999 family throwback pic and Jesus, they all look so different 2 years ago

Kim K shared a 1999 family throwback pic and Jesus, they all look so different

Time is a healer.

And a changer.


If you're a fan of the Kardashians at all, you'll probably be fairly aware of what they all look like.

Basically, this.

They all look like different variations, and yet still stunning beautiful, versions of the above.

Incredible genes, if we ever saw them.

Anyway, during the night, Kim Kardashian decided to floor everybody with a bit of a family throwback that will simultaneously make you think 'who are those people?' while also thinking 'Kourtney does somehow pull off that fringe, though.'


This is it.

The pic is from 1999 and shows Kourtney, Rob, Kim, and dad Robert Kardashian all standing in a row looking fairly happy.

And Jesus Christ if they don't look young too.


Kim, now 37, would have been just 19-years-old in the photo.

Kourtney was 20-years-old, and Rob was a mere 12-years-old.

Bless him.

Anyway, Kim's picture went down a treat with her followers who were all over that shit.


They even got so confused about how different everyone looks that a few of them started telling Khloe she rocked the bangs.

Except it's not even Khloe, it's Kourtney.

But yeah, we get where the confusion arose from.


Kim recently defended husband Kanye West on The Ellen Degeneres Show, saying that she "didn't even know he got his Twitter again until I started seeing tweets come in from other people retweeting him."

Which, yeah OK, isn't really much of a defence but she's distancing herself from the situation and we have to appreciate that.

Kanye recently told TMZ that he thought slavery was a choice.

He also reiterated his support and general approval of Donald Trump.