Kim Kardashian just publicly called out Lamar Odom on Twitter 5 years ago

Kim Kardashian just publicly called out Lamar Odom on Twitter

She is not impressed.

Kim Kardashian took aim at Lamar Odom last night following his interview on BET's Mancave.


The panel interview which aired last night in the US saw Lamar discuss his ex-wife. He talked about how he has yet to get a sentimental tattoo of her name removed and then took fire when asked about their final break-up. He said: "I understand when it's over, it's over, when she was with her second or third NBA ball player, I can see that." Yikes.

The comments however, were not met with good response and Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to defend Khloe saying more like "second or third brothel".


The tweet was in reference to the 2015 scandal - when Odom was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel in October of that year. He was in a coma for several days, and Khloe postponed all work and the show to support him while he was being hospitalised.

At the end of the interview however, Lamar did wish the star the best by saying:“I’m happy for her, she took care of me; she’ll be a good mother. For real... a great woman.”

33-year-old Khloe is now pregnant with Cleveland NBA star Tristan Thompson, who she has been dating since June 2016.