Kim Kardashian has six toes on private island with close inner circle 1 year ago

Kim Kardashian has six toes on private island with close inner circle

The gift that just keeps on giving.

Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian announced that she had taken all of her friends and family (her close inner circle) to a private island to celebrate her birthday.


According to Kim, everyone in attendance had gotten a series of health checks and quarantined for an undisclosed period of time before attending.

And yet, Kim's photo series celebrating her 40th year on this earth went down like a lead balloon - and unsurprisingly, people weren't all that delighted that she got to go on holiday when everyone else is stuck at home, sad and alone. 

Such was the response to Kim's post that nobody even noticed the fact that she apparently had an extra toe on her foot.


See? There. You see it.

Anyway, apparently this isn't a phototune edit as is to be expected with the Kardashians, but rather a simple trick of the mind.

According to Kim, when she wears certain shoes, it can appear as if she has a sixth toe on her foot when, in fact, she does not.


"Everyone thinks that I have six toes, and it's really wild," she said before, sharing a video to address the rumours. 

"But it's this part of my foot, that when I wear a shoe just like this it like smashes down right here and in a picture. I don't know why, it looks like a sixth toe."

Well, that's that cleared up anyway. Anything else important happening in the world, or?