Kimye's Wedding Anniversary Celebrations Were VERY Low-Key 5 years ago

Kimye's Wedding Anniversary Celebrations Were VERY Low-Key

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West celebrated one year of marriage on May 24th but in a surprising move for the couple, they opted to keep things very low-key.

They hired a private bartender and spent the day at home in bed, according to Us Weekly.


According to the inside source, Kanye drank piña coladas while Kim, then three months pregnant with their son, opted for cocktails and coconut water.

They also spent the night watching Kim's favourite movie, Troop Beverly Hills.

Kim and Kanye on their wedding day

However, it seems Kanye is very fussy when it comes to the perfect piña colada.

His friend, rapper Theophilus Monk, told Elle that the music star has often ordered "three drinks because they didn't make it properly…he makes his own menu".