Laura Whitmore responds to headline calling for her to be 'sacked' from Love Island 1 year ago

Laura Whitmore responds to headline calling for her to be 'sacked' from Love Island

We're back baby.

Denise Curtin and Cassie Stokes are back on today's Love Island podcast discussing the catfight of the century between Fudge and Rebecca plus, who we think is about to get the door. 



Laura Whitmore isn't happy with the headlines today.

The Love Island presenter has clapped back at claims that she doesn't care about what her "excessive flying" is doing to the planet.

In an article published by the Mirror, the news piece stated that fans weren't happy for her "complete disregard" of how far she's been travelling and called for the presenter to be "sacked" from the show.

Since the show began, the publication states that Laura has racked up 6 round trips to Cape Town, with each of them being 12,000 miles.

Fans wondered why the star was needed to travel back to the UK to do her Sunday show from BBC London, with one asking:


"Surely there are studios she could broadcast from in SA?"

However, Laura isn't one to leave fake news spread and wanted to remind fans and the Mirror that she is in fact, very aware of her travelling and making sure to offset her carbon footprint.

In a cutting reply to the news organisation, Laura suggested they too try it with all of their travelling journalists.


The star also reacted to fan queries about her busy travel schedule explaining that she's not in South Africa as much as one would think and also explained the need to travel to the UK for Aftersun.

Laura also addressed her BBC 5 Live show, explaining that when possible, she works from South Africa.


Last weekend she shared the below image working from Cape Town.


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