Laura Withmore reveals she was sexually assaulted in a nightclub 4 years ago

Laura Withmore reveals she was sexually assaulted in a nightclub

"I pushed him away and told him to get his ‘f*cking hands off me’."

TV presenter and personality, Laura Withmore has revealed that see too was once a victim of sexual assault. Speaking in the latest edition of Hot Press magazine, the 32-year-old opened up about it for the first time saying:


"Last year I was in a club with my friends and I could feel a hand on the back of my leg," the broadcaster wrote in the new edition of Hot Press magazine.

"Initially I thought it was my boyfriend messing or a mate about to pinch my bottom – but the hand went under my skirt, between my legs, and firmly touched me. As I turned, I saw it was a guy who I did not know. He was laughing."

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Afraid of what people might say or think, the star kept it to herself and she admitted it has taken her awhile before she wanted to discuss her own experience.


She was on a night out with boyfriend Ian Stirling and friends when the horrific experience occurred. Recalling the night, she said:

"It was dark and I was shocked by what had just happened. I couldn’t recognise his face under the strobing lights and, then, he was gone.

"I was a bit tipsy and I was wearing a short skirt. Did I deserve that to happen? I told the manager but what could I do? What was the point?"

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Aside from her own upsetting experience, Laura went on to discuss her thoughts on the "me too" movement, she explained:

"Away from allegations of rape, and flawed judicial systems, what has really hit me is how women are portrayed in general.

"All this shaming and degrading. In a sense, the ‘Me Too’ movement is just the tip of the iceberg."