Fans praise Lewis Capaldi for opening up about his struggles with Tourette's Syndrome 5 months ago

Fans praise Lewis Capaldi for opening up about his struggles with Tourette's Syndrome

His Tourette's is painful.

Fans of Lewis Capaldi are sharing their reactions to his open and honest conversation about his new girlfriend and his battle with Tourette's Syndrome.


Speaking to Scott Mills on BBC Radio 2, the singer spoke about how "happy" he is with new girlfriend Ellie MacDowall.

He also opened up about how difficult it is for him to work and cope with having Tourette's especially because there is no real cure for it.

He said: "There's no real treatment for Tourette's. I'm in a position when I can cancel a full day of work, I feel really bad for other people, that must be so much worse.

"You don't have the luxury that I have. For a wee kid who has to go to school, it's really difficult."


Lewis said that because of his Tourette's, he also suffers with anxiety and often has panic attacks.

He revealed that drinking alcohol can trigger panic attacks for him which he gets very frustrated by.

Fans get an insight into this side of his life in his new Netflix documentary, How I'm Feeling Now.

It follows the musician back to his home town as he tries to re-connect with family and friends after becoming famous.


It also explored the singer's journey with Tourette's Syndrome, after doctors picked up on his uncontrollable shoulder twitch.

He certainly bares all in the documentary but said he's very proud of it all the same.


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Fans show their support.

In this rare interview with BBC Radio 1, Lewis revealed some sweet details about his new relationship with Ellie who's 23 and from Scotland.

He said: "I have a girlfriend and that's going really well, I am happy happy, she's a lovely lady I feel good about everything."

Fans were flooding to support Lewis after hearing how refreshingly honest he was in the interview.

Many related to his struggles with anxiety and Tourette's and appreciated him sharing his experiences.


One person Tweeted: "Hearing the pain in Lewis Capaldi's voice as he opens up on his torettes syndrome. You never know what goes on behind closed doors."

Another wrote: "Please reach out you're never alone. So refreshing to hear Lewis open up on his Mental Heath. All men please reach out."

People really got behind the musician to show their support and let him know that "he's not alone"

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