Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson opens up about a suicide attempt after vicious trolling 5 months ago

Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson opens up about a suicide attempt after vicious trolling

Very brave of her.

Jesy Nelson rose to fame by winning the X Factor as part of Little Mix.

It has been success after success over the years for the gals, but it hasn't been all roses.

Speaking in new BBC Three documentary, Jesy Nelson: Odd One Out, Jesy revealed that she began to experience trolling and hate almost immediately after winning X Factor.

The singer revealed that after winning the show, she began to get really horrible messages, that read:

"You are the ugliest thing I've seen in my life, you do not deserve to be in this girl band. You deserve to die."

First of all, WHO are these disgusting people sending messages like that? Shame on you.

"It became the worst time of my life," she explained in the documentary.

"I wasn't just known as one of the singers in Little Mix, I was known as 'the fat, ugly one'."

Jesy went on, explaining that she developed an eating disorder and depression as a result of the trolling.

"I had a routine of waking up, going on Twitter, searching for the worst things I could about myself. I'd type in the search bar: 'Jesy fat', or 'Jesy ugly', and see what would come up."

"Sometimes I didn't even need to do that, I'd just write 'Jesy' and then I'd see all the horrible things. Everyone told me to ignore it - but it was like an addiction."


Two years after winning the show, Little Mix returned to the X Factor stage to perform.

The comments and criticism that Jesy Nelson received was so bad, that she attempted to end her own life.

"I was sat in bed crying, thinking, 'This is never going to go, I'm going to feel sad for the rest of my life, so what is the point in being here?'"

"The only way I can describe the pain is like constantly being heartbroken. I remember going to the kitchen and I just took as many tablets as I could. Then my ex, who was with me at the time, he woke up and was like, 'why are you crying?' I kept saying, 'I just want to die'."

Thankfully, she came through the other side.

So very brave of Jesy to share her story with others.

If you are affected by the content of this story, and wish to speak to someone, the helplines are:

·        Samaritans 116 123 or email

·        Aware 1800 80 48 48 (depression, anxiety)

·        Pieta House 1800 247 247 or email (suicide, self-harm)

·        Teen-Line Ireland 1800 833 634 (for ages 13 to 19)

·        Childline 1800 66 66 66 (for under 18s)