It looks like Jack Fincham is set to confront Danny Dyer and we're bracing ourselves 1 year ago

It looks like Jack Fincham is set to confront Danny Dyer and we're bracing ourselves

Last night's challenge certainly ruffled a few feathers among the islanders.

For the first time ever, the couples saw various tweets from the public which were all about them and then, in their pairs, they had to guess who the tweets were about. Yikes.

The game which was the discussion of debate all evening in the villa seemed to anger Laura, who felt her friends weren't supportive of her and Jack and then, the game upset Dani, who was once again reminded of the number of people Jack has previous slept with.

Speaking on the sun loungers after the game, Dani reminded Jack that although the figure is high, she "doesn't care" once he is always truthful to her.

But then, the 22-year-old went on to inform Jack that he would have to confront her father, Danny Dyer, when he entered the villa later on in the series. Since Jack is a massive fan of Danny's movies, we fear this will be awk-ward.

“You’re going to have to confront my dad about it” explained Dani to which Jack replied: “Yeah I will when the time comes.”

In what was quite the romantic episode last night, and the most loved-up we've ever seen the couples, Jack proclaimed that Dani is truly the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

“I feel like I’ve changed and I feel like a big part of how I’ve changed has been meeting you. You’ve helped me and I feel like you are what I needed. I’m getting emotional.

“I feel like you were exactly what I needed to meet at this point in my life” revealed Jack.

Aww, Jani for the win.

Last night also saw the exit of the two latest boys to join the villa, Idris and Kieran, with one of them giving a seriously cocky exit interview.

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