Louise Redknapp posted lyrics to her new song on Instagram, and wow, intense 3 years ago

Louise Redknapp posted lyrics to her new song on Instagram, and wow, intense

We see you Louise.

The lovely Louise Redknapp is making her musical comeback at the moment, and she's nailing it!


Last week, she shared some lyrics from her latest single on Instagram.

And we're all thinking that the words are directed at one person.

As we all know, Louise Redknapp split from her husband of almost 20 years, Jamie Redknapp, in 2017.

So it would make sense to assume that the lyrics are relating to that split.


The lyrics, which Louise posted on her feed, read:

"We used to be in love, we used to be inseparable, now it's a little awkward."

"It's like we've never met before. It's almost like we're strangers."

"Remember when we had it all, we used to dream big, but now it's just small talk."


Fans were very quick to comment on the post, mentioning the fact that the lyrics are about Jamie Redknapp.


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One (over-familiar fan) wrote:


"Go get him back! You two belong with each other, you will never love someone else the way you love each other so wouldn’t be fair on the other people anyway, so make your move get it done.:

Well, that was intense. And a bit much tbh.

Another fan wrote:

"I am going through a divorce at the moment and these words are so so true. We need to keep our chins up and keep going."

Many of Louise's followers seemed to relate to her lyrics, with one writing:


"I know how you feel, sounds like my live right now. But when children are involved it's not easy!"

The new single is out now, and it's excellent!