Louise Redknapp just revealed what got her through that 'tough' divorce 2 years ago

Louise Redknapp just revealed what got her through that 'tough' divorce

This is so sweet.

As we all know, the gorgeous Louise Redknapp went through a fairly public divorce back in 2017.


She split from her husband, Jamie Redknapp, after 19 years of marriage.

And as you can imagine, it wasn't easy, given the level of publicity that the split received.

During an appearance on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour today, Louise opened up about what got her through the tough times.

She said: "Going through a divorce, it being so public. It's tough."

"No one can take that easily, it's not an easy thing for women or men or anyone to go through."

And then, she revealed that her friends kept her sane.

"My girlfriends have got me through some times that have been really tough."



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"It's honest and truthful friendships. Most of my friends I've known since school."

Before the radio show, Louise Redknapp shared a quote on her instagram feed, which some found cryptic.

It read:


"No matter how you feel. Get up, dress up, show up and never give up."

It kind of makes sense, she's been through a lot in the last few months.

This interview comes at an interesting time.

It was confirmed today that Louise's ex was spotted on a date with model, Lizzie Bowden.

The pair were spotted out having a few drinks in London over the weekend and eventually photographed sharing a taxi together when the night had reached its natural conclusion.

The Sun reports that the two have been spending a bit of time together following Jamie's divorce from Louise Redknapp in late 2017.