Love Island fans accuse Jacques of 'bullying' Tasha after Instagram video emerges 1 year ago

Love Island fans accuse Jacques of 'bullying' Tasha after Instagram video emerges

The video shows him reacting to Tasha during the finale.

Fans of Love Island have accused Jacques O'Neill of "bullying" Tasha Ghouri after a video emerged of him mocking her speech to Andrew Le Page.


According to The Mirror, the video was posted on his private Instagram story. In it, the TV shows Tasha speaking about her journey with Andrew in the final. As the video continues, Jacques quotes Davide, saying: "You're a liar, an actress, get the fuck out."

The video leaked and began circulating on Twitter where many fans labelled his behaviour as bullying.

Throughout her time on the show, many fans felt that Tasha was being bullied by a number of men in the villa. Towards the end of the season, Luca and Dami sat her down and apologised for their actions.

Outside of the villa, Tasha was subject to online bullying, which her father labelled as "nasty and unnecessary".


In an interview with The Mirror, Tarek Ghouri addressed the ableist bullying his daughter was subject to.

It's just shocking," he said. "It's been some horrific 'deaf and dumb cow, b***h, s**t, she's screwed every guy in the villa type thing."


Mr Ghouri went on: "It's nasty and unnecessary. It makes me sick to the stomach actually.

"I don’t know what fuels people to even think like that. They don’t even know them. It’s quite bizarre."

He also spoke about how Tasha gets labelled as "sensitive", and shared some insight on why it might seem this way.

"It's mentally draining for her trying to compute what's been said, lip reading people who's lips aren't facing her or whose mouths are covered with bottles, who said what when many are talking," he said.

"Staying involved in conversation when you can only hear robotic sounds in only one of your ears is mentally draining. This leads to tiredness and sometimes tears. It's a pressured environment for all but she has an extra pressure no one seems to recognise apart from anyone who is deaf or heard of hearing."