Love Island fans are furious with Tommy's harsh comment to Molly Mae 5 months ago

Love Island fans are furious with Tommy's harsh comment to Molly Mae

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Tommy's latest comment to Molly-Mae hasn't gone down well.

If you were watching Love Island last night (possibly the best episode so far?), you'll know that a lot happened.

Maura and Elma arrived at the villa and in true Love Island style, they ruffled a few feathers by picking some of the boys to serve them dinner, three courses no less.

Unsurprisingly, the OG gals were livid, particularly Molly Mae and Yewande as both of the new ladies put in separate requests to chat with Tommy and Danny, the guys they've been crushing on.

You can see where this is going.

Of course, it all kicked on as the girls watched things unfold and judging by a preview of tonight's episode, Molly Mae and Tommy are due to have words.

A sneak peek showed Molly Mae tell Tommy that he shouldn't have told her everything was fine if he was going to meet someone else.

His reply..." you're acting like you're in love with me".


He's gone from telling her that she's the sun, moon and stats to basically mocking her for being into him.

Needless to say, people are ANGRY and have been sharing their thoughts.

What will tonight bring? Fireworks undoubtedly.