Love Island fans spot Paige's reaction as Adam seems to be going back to his old self 2 months ago

Love Island fans spot Paige's reaction as Adam seems to be going back to his old self

The drama is here.

Love Island fans noticed that Adam might be returning to his old tricks in upcoming episodes, and by the look on Paige's face, she knows it too.


With four new bombshells making an appearance on last night's episode, it is the first time since Adam has been back on the show that anyone new has joined, and fans are convinced the Adam we saw in 2018 is making a comeback.

As new girls Lacey and Nathalia walked in, Paige's reaction told fans all they need to know about how she feels about Adam and the new girls.

Appearing in the villa, fans watched as Paige's glass of wine froze at her lips and she muttered under her breath: "For f***s sake.”

Noticing how Paige reacted to Adam seeing the girls for the first time, many took to Twitter to predict what might unfold between the two over the new few weeks, especially considering Adam's previous time on the show.



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One fan wrote: "Paige you are not safe. The real Adam has arrived."

Another said: "#adam was losing his damn minddddd when the new girls walked in!!! Wonder if we will see the old Adam collard or will he stay with #paige to try and redeem his reputation!"


A third wrote: "Paige’s facial expression when she saw the twinkle in Adam’s eyes when the Bombshells walked in."

A fourth added: "Oh the face on Paige was priceless and the face on Luca when he heard there was a footballer in the mix was epic! Who TF does Dami think he is?! The boss of the villa? Back off!!"

While another said: "Paige’s face tho. Girl is pained asf. Didn’t she say she wants the drama?"