Love Island's Callum responds to claims he and Molly are on the rocks 10 months ago

Love Island's Callum responds to claims he and Molly are on the rocks

Love Island's Callum Jones has responded to claims his relationship with Molly Smith is on the rocks.

The couple, who met on the most recent season of Love Island, were reported to be on the rocks after having a "blazing row" on a recent night out.


However, Callum told The Daily Mail that things between them were actually stronger than ever, and that he is confident they can "go the distance.

"Molly and I are very strong. It's good between us, we have no arguments whatsoever. I am confident Molly and I can go the distance," he said.

"There was something reported about us having an argument, I don't know where that come from. It's not true. I'm at Molly's place right now. We see each other almost every day, there's only been two days where we haven't seen each other since we've been back. Everything has been good."

He also opened up about why he thinks the two of them will last longer than some of the other Love Island couples.

"Everyone's different, but Molly and I are very chilled. Distance isn't an issue for us because we live close together, which definitely makes us strong. We live 10 minutes down the road from each other," he continued.


"We're pretty much in an official relationship now. I thought you only asked someone to be your girlfriend in primary school but maybe I will soon…"