Love Island's Eyal reacts to viral pictures of Megan before cosmetic surgery 4 years ago

Love Island's Eyal reacts to viral pictures of Megan before cosmetic surgery

Recently, it was revealed that Love Island's Megan Barton-Hanson has undergone €28,000 worth of cosmetic surgery.

In pictures that surfaced last week, fans could not believe the change in Megan's appearance.


HELLO Magazine reports that Megan has had procedures since the age of 14-years-old, setting her back an estimated total of £25,000 (€28,200).

In the year of her 20th birthday, Megan had lip filler and a breast augmentation with the publication also reporting that she has has since been getting continuous lip fillers since as well as an expensive rhinoplasty and botox in her forehead.


Here is Megan before surgery...


And now, Eyal, who Megan was once coupled up with in the Love Island villa has revealed to HELLO! what he thinks of these surfaced images. In true Eyal form, he is ever "so deep", and said that if it's what makes her happy then he is happy for her.

"I've seen the pictures of course, and do you know what, it’s a really difficult one ... I feel like if someone is insecure within themselves, they should be able to go out and do what they want to do to change that. And I respect what she’s gone and done. If it's made her more secure in her body, then that shouldn’t be something that people are attacking" the Londoner revealed.

Admitting that the picutres were a "bit of a shock" at first, Eyal said he never regrets his time with Megan in the villa and believes he always treated her with respect.


Lastly, Eyal said his one regret is that viewers never got to see his funny side, admitting that the girls he was with in the villa weren't really that funny. He said:

"The girls I was with were not really that fun and there is a fun side to me that viewers didn't get to see."

Ah maybe someday Eyal.


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