Love Island's Georgia could tell Hugo had a thing for Chloe 1 year ago

Love Island's Georgia could tell Hugo had a thing for Chloe

Someone's paying attention.

Love Island viewers were going mental when Hugo was completely pied for a kiss from Chloe, but as sudden as his feelings seemed to appear, one ex-islander predicted it.


Bombshell Georgia Townend is revealing all, and after she was dumped by Hugo for Chloe, it was clear to her that he had some underlying feelings for her.

After that speech Hugo gave at the recoupling, Georgia knew she was about to be dumped but wasn't surprised in the slightest, saying she had an inkling Hugo had "unrequited" feelings for Chloe.

"I knew by the time we lined up at the fire pit. As soon as the text came in and it was the boys picking I knew I wasn’t going to be selected," Georgia tells Tyla.


"I knew Hugo was going to save Chloe because they had a really good friendship and for him to progress it she had to be in there. That’s why I mouthed to Chloe ‘you’ll be fine poppet’."

The Essex girl was set for Hugo from the moment she got in, but Hugo just wasn't on the same vibe as her.

“Almost from the offset I could tell that he had unrequited feelings for Chloe and then when we had that deeper conversation by the pool I established even more that my initial impression was correct," she added.


She also revealed that she had mentioned it to the other girls, but they were a lot more shocked, and had never considered a connection between the two.

Georgia had noticed that Hugo would always be keen to chat to Chloe, but the speech he gave that night was all the confirmation Georgia needed.