Love Island's Haris spills all on an unaired fight between Zara and Tanyel 1 month ago

Love Island's Haris spills all on an unaired fight between Zara and Tanyel


Love Island star Haris Namani has recently revealed more about his time in the villa, and more importantly about the scenes we didn't get to see.


The 21 year old was dumped from the series last week and with a week of drama that followed, he has a thing or two to say about what he witnessed.

Haris has claimed that viewers at home missed out on some of the biggest drama of the series in unaired scenes as the tension between Zara Lackenby-Brown and Olivia Hawkins rose.

But they weren't the only two to have some beef while Haris was on the show.

Taking to TikTok, he revealed that Tanyel and Zara also clashed heads as they seemed to have a few blows.


He said: "Tanyel just had an argument with Zara that I didn't want to see or hear, so I told her to go upstairs."

Fans immediately took to the comments to figure out what caused the argument and what the two could have been disagreeing about.

One person wrote: "Hold on, we didn't see anything between them? What happened?," while another also asked: "What happened with Zara and Tanyel?"


While Haris didn't spill more on the gossip, but did mention that the other islanders were starting to get fed up with the sheer about of drama.

He added: "Zara started showing sides that people didn't want to see. I didn't have a problem with her. It was always the case with Zara, she wanted to know what people would talk to Tom about.

"I'm like, "It's been three or four days, just chill the f**k out". She wanted to be in control. Ron made her aware that you can't do that."

Haris, don't leave us hanging...


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