Love Island's Harley and Chris share separate statements confirming their split 5 months ago

Love Island's Harley and Chris share separate statements confirming their split

Love Island's Harley Brash has shared a statement confirming her split from fellow contestant Chris Brown.

Last week, reports suggested that the couple had called it a day but contrary to those rumours, they have said that the decision was a mutual one which they only made last night.

Harley's statement released this evening follows an earlier Instagram post shared by Chris, also confirming the end of their brief relationship.

The 20-year-old said she was happy to have shared her crazy Love Island experience with Chris with the full post reading:

"I’m going to make this short and sweet but I’m so sad to say me and Chris have decided to go our separate ways. We made this decision yesterday evening and I wish him every bit of luck in the world. Chris, you are an amazing person and deserve every bit of love and success coming your way. I’m so lucky to have shared my crazy love island experience with you".

Chris's post was similar, saying that as they've been so busy since leaving the villa they haven't had "quality time" for each other.

He also said the decision was an amicable one with the former couple having the utmost respect for each other.

"A serious post for once guys. I’m sad to say that both Harley and I have parted ways and came to this decision last night, despite rumours from the media last week.

"Both of us have been very busy with separate opportunities and haven’t had enough quality time for each other. We both have the upmost support and respect for one another and the decision was made amicably [sic]. I wish her all the best and will always be glad we rode the Love Island adventure together.

"I will be very proud of everything she has done and everything she’ll do. The future is bright crumpet go get em! Chris xx".

Chris and Harley's romance bloomed towards the end of the show but that didn't impact their popularity and Love Island fans have been sharing their dismay as they are the first couple from the 2019 show to split.