Love Island's Kaz responds to ex Josh's meme following boyfriend Theo's eye-blinding accident 2 years ago

Love Island's Kaz responds to ex Josh's meme following boyfriend Theo's eye-blinding accident

Buckle up.

The other day, Love Island 2017 contestant Theo Campbell shared the news that he had been tragically blinded in one eye following an incident with a champagne cork. 


The model and athlete had been attempting to open a bottle of bubbly while on holiday in Ibiza when the cork popped in his face and split his eye in two.

Theo, who is currently dating Love Island 2018 contestant Kaz Crossley, said that he had had two surgeries but that it was looking fairly unlikely that he would ever see out of his right eye again.

After this, Kaz's ex boyfriend Josh Denzel, whom she met on the reality TV series, shared - and subsequently deleted - an "and I oop" meme, a move which appeared to refer to Theo's injury.


Kaz, who was doing an Instagram Q&A the other night, was informed of the swift deletion and decided to address the issue.

She said: “Sounds about right. Funny he decides to message a private sob story after he deleted it. Luckily Theo couldn't care less about Josh’s indirects as we have now lost count."

Still with us? Great.


Kaz went on to say that ex Josh had messaged Theo privately to express his condolences for the partial loss of his eye.

Josh has yet to address the incident publicly. Apart from the meme, which may or may not have been eye related.

Kaz and Josh met during last year's Casa Amor when she showed him that he could, indeed, have been happier than what he was with Georgia Steele (loyal, babe).


The pair announced their split earlier this year with Kaz saying that she was sad that their relationship had to come to an end.

"Sometimes things don’t go the way you planned, but you have to be grateful for the journey," she said. "Thank you for everything especially showing me how to love myself again."

Kaz later met Theo while partying in Thailand in March.